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I am an immigration lawyer based in Glasgow with offices in London and Moscow providing immigration law advice and services in Scotland,  all over the UK and worldwide. 


I have a growing reputation for providing one of the most effective UK immigration advice and visa services for individual clients and businesses in the UK and worldwide.

I have clients all over the world and enjoy a success rate of 99% for all types of UK immigration applications, including family migration, EU law and Points Based system applications, same day visa service and sponsor licence applications, indefinte leave and British nationality applications.


In rare cases where applicants receive refusals due to errors made by the UKVI/Home Office, all refusals are appealed, the refusals are overturned and/or applications are granted on appeal. For some clients alternative options are found to achieve their immigration, visa or family reunion objectives.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your visa or immigration enquiry/problem.

I reply to all questions and enquiries within 24 hours. I am qualified to deal expertly with all your visa, residence rights and immigration issues. I also run a mobile immigration adviser service and can come to see you if you are unable to attend my office for an appointment at your address.

I am regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) in the UK.

My registration number is F201200525. In addition, I am also an immigration lawyer, solicitor and a notary public. I am a member of the Law Society of Scotland. I am also a solicitor with Temple & Co Solicitors in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


I am not affiliated to any government bodies, department or offical source/s. Please refer to my terms of business for more details. Please note that some organisations in the UK, for example citizen advice bureaus, may provide some immigration advice and signposting free of charge.


However, I charge fees for my serivces and advice, being classed as "a for profit adviser" by the OISC. 


The UK Immigration Rules and applicaiton forms are also available free of charge via the UK government's official websites. The official fees charged by the UK Visa and Immigration/ Home Office can be found on www.gov.uk


My current fee scale can be found in the Fees section of this website.

For further information about the OISC please follow the link:  Adviser Finder




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