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  • Svetlana (Thursday, May 06 21 09:56 am BST)

    Мы очень благодарны Александру за высокий профессионализм и то, как он смог справиться с нашим нелегким делом. Получив положительный ответ от Home Office о присвоении мне Pre-Settled Status, а затем и карту через три дня, я не могла поверить своим глазам. Этому предшествовали долгие месяцы ожидания, предыдущий отказ и неудачный опыт работы с предыдущим иммиграционным специалистом.

    Александр проделал великолепную работу по нашим документами : он нашел верный вариант, подал на аппеляцию и одновременно подготовил документы по другому иммиграционному пути. Была предоставлена четкая информация по рискам, Александр не давал невероятных обещаний, однако он смог добросовестно и настойчиво организовать весь процесс.
    Я благодарна за время терпение, которое он нам уделил. Хотим отметить четкость, прекрасную коммуникацию, компетентность, высокий профессионализм, честность, доброжелательность и понимание.
    Огромное Вам спасибо ! После долгих лет пребывния по визам - это совершенно новая страница в жизни, и открылась она благодаря помощи знающего и надёжного человека

    С радостью рекомендуем Александра и в дальнейшем надеемся продолжить с ним работу.

    С уважением,
    Светлана, Сергей

  • Natalia (Wednesday, May 05 21 06:17 pm BST)

    I cannot thank Alexander enough for handling my mum's realtively difficult case of the EU pre-settled application alongside the appeal process from the previously submitted application handled by another lawyer. Alexander's approach is extremely professional and organised. He has been honest to us about our chances from the start and we are so pleased the outcome has been successful. I highly recommend Alexander and we will certainly be using his services again.

  • Peter (Sunday, March 14 21 11:09 am GMT)

    I cannot praise Alexander too highly. My wife and I have used the services of Alexander on a number of occasions and he has always been professional, communicative, and timely with his advice and guidance. Each time the outcome has been exactly what we wanted. I can recommend him without hesitation.

  • Valeriya Kurova (Tuesday, October 27 20 03:05 pm GMT)

    I would like to express my great gratitude to professionalism, customer support and high-standard knowledge that Alexander had already provided me with once and again. Alexander handled my application for residence card and supported with consultation on settled status. I have received my residence card from a Home Office without any delay (was delayed in the case of my individual submission); and just recently, after I have contacted several solicitors, only Alexander could clearly clarify to me the issue of settled status in the UK, and kindly proposed his support with documentation. I will definitely make use of his services again! Thank you!

  • luxy (Tuesday, March 24 20 07:38 pm GMT)


  • Viktoriia Golosova (Monday, October 14 19 10:22 pm BST)

    Уже как 7 лет мы сотрудничаем с Александром! Бесконечно благодарны за Вашу чуткость и доброжелательность в консультирование и подготовке документов по вопросам миграции (и не только) и за Ваш высокий профессионализм!
    Всем настоятельно рекомендую!
    Ещё раз огромное спасибо!
    С уважением,
    семья Голосовых, Жасинене и Евенко

  • Elena Bain (Friday, June 07 19 08:54 pm BST)

    I had my application to renew my biometric visa refused. Alexander took on the case, gave most relevant advice. He attended and won our appeal. A most professional service, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone having problems with the UK Home Office.
    Спасибо огромное, Александр!
    Вы - настоящий кудесник своего дела!
    С уважением, Елена и Гордон.

  • Andras and Olena (Monday, December 03 18 06:58 pm GMT)

    Alexander very professional, his have a brilliant service. We definitely recommend him to anybody out there.
    Thanks Alexander

  • Daria Dech (Thursday, June 28 18 07:47 pm BST)

    I was very pleased with the services of Mr. Alexander Boyd. He reviewed my situation and recommended a course of action that other advisors had not recommended to me. He explained the process in a way that I could understand and supported me in completing the required documents required to support my application. I was very pleased that The outcome was successful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Boyd’s services to others who require UK immigration law services.

  • Iuliia Kolompar (Saturday, May 19 18 02:54 pm BST)

    I am very thankful for my immigration solicitor Alexander Boyd! He is very knowledgeable, patient, focused and very professional. My application (ILR) was successful less than 2 months. Highly recommend his service! Thank you very much Alexander!

  • Kadir Ascioglu (Tuesday, February 27 18 12:35 am GMT)

    Kendisini kisa suredir taniyorum ama yaklasim gayet iyi ve yardim sever ; isini duzgun ve ayrintisiyla yapiyor; herkese oneriyorum alex i , esim icin basvurumda yardimci ve samimiydi; ilk basvurum da visa mizi aldik

  • Kenny & Erika (Monday, November 20 17 10:35 am GMT)

    It’s my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Alex as he handled our PR. Alex showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded knowledge of Immigration Law. Within 3 months our applications was successful. Huge THANK YOU!

  • Krystyna P.M. (Tuesday, October 31 17 11:19 am GMT)

    Mr Alexander Boyd was very helpful and had a professional approach when helping us with our British residency and later citizenship application. Thanks to his skills and knowledge the whole process was run smoothly and quickly. I highly recommend his service.

  • Adebayo Popoola (Tuesday, October 24 17 04:50 pm BST)

    Alex handled our Tier 1 Entrepreneur application (initial & renewal) very professionally. He has extensive knowledge of the immigration policies and very confident his services and counsel. I will definitely recommend him to potential applicants out there.

    Well done mate!

  • H Mata (Monday, August 14 17 09:03 pm BST)

    First of all I would really like to thank Alex Boynd for his outstanding service. So if you need immigration lawyer look no further, trustworthy and very understanding. Alex is the one who can get the job done.

  • Ashar I. (Thursday, April 27 17 10:39 pm BST)

    Alex is very knowledgeable and has a deep expertise in immigration law and the Home office procedures.
    He responds to emails and calls very promptly, even to questions after the visa application was successful.
    The application he produced was very well organised and professionally presented.

  • Katie & Kenny Woolfrey (Sunday, March 12 17 11:28 am GMT)

    We can't recommend Alex highly enough! We've just received the good news that our spouse visa application has been successful (yippee!) and are over the moon with Alex's outstanding service.

    His patience with our never ending questions, flexibility with our unusual circumstances and attention to detail gave us confidence and kept us calm during a stressful time - he is worth every penny!


  • Becky & leighton Bambry (Wednesday, February 15 17 08:26 am GMT)

    We found Alex to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it came to our spouse Visa application.
    Alex was quick to respond to our emails even in the evening, he was very reassuring and good value for money.
    Thank you very much Alex.

  • Yulia and Paolo Casamassima (Monday, January 30 17 02:22 pm GMT)

    Alexander has handled our case very professionally. As a result we have received our permanent residence cards very promptly just 3 months after submitting the application. We are very much impressed with Alexander's professional ethics and extensive knowledge of the immigration rules. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and are looking forward to working with him again (on getting uk citizenship this time).

  • Corbin & Stacy Miles (Sunday, January 22 17 10:14 pm GMT)

    We have worked with Alex on two separate occasions in dealing with the UKVI. Both times he has been both professional and personable. He is always welcoming and helpful and his calm demeanour is a real comfort in the midst of such an important and sometimes stressful thing as dealing with immigration. We can confidently recommend Alex and will not hesitate to use his services again in the future.

  • Olga Sergeeva (Thursday, January 19 17 06:03 pm GMT)

    Alexander Boyd was recommended by a friend I was very happy with my solicitor He was very helpful and patient with all my questions when I called him I would use him again and recommend him

  • Viktoriia Golosova (Thursday, November 10 16 10:17 am GMT)

    Выражаем безграничную благодарность Александру Боиду за оказанную нам своевременную и квалифицированную помощь, тактичность и понимание.
    Адвокат с большой буквы. Сработал быстро и качественно. В результате его проделанной работы моя семья получила резиденство. Благодарим за профессионализм и человеческие качества.
    С уважением, семья Голосовых, Евенко и Жасинене.

  • Artur Gaynulin (Wednesday, June 08 16 09:11 am BST)

    Mr Alexander Boyd is a professional lawyer with detailed knowledge of the latest rules and regulations regarding immigration in the UK which keeps evolving. Mr Boyd was recommended to me by a friend
    of mine as the former managed to get him to the UK from a Central Asian state. My wife and I sought Mr Boyd's assistance with regards to permanent residence applications as our case was not
    straightforward - my wife is European and I am from a Central Asian state and we tried to prove our 5-year partnership in order to allow me, as a spouse of a Sponsor, to get a permanent residence
    card. The fees are reasonable and you would have to pay for your postage with all receipts which is quite common. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Boyd for any cases dealing with any issues
    regarding immigration.

  • Nusauba Al-Najjar (Sunday, June 05 16 07:33 am BST)

    Alexander helped us with our application to get naturalization certificate for my son who was born outside the UK, He is very friendly and professional, He is responsible in what he is doing, i am
    glad to deal with him, God bless you Alex,

  • Mr & Mrs Anees (Monday, March 14 16 11:13 pm GMT)

    I am so happy that my husband found Alexander number online after surfing the Internet. I have explained my case to Alexander and he have took it on. All our contacts was from a distance and via
    emails. I have send him all the required documents that he needed for a spouse EEA family permit. The first application I did was refused with a different lawyer very expensive. But the second
    application which Alexander did was a success and his fee was very reasonable consider the first fees I have paid. I am so happy that he took my case and my husband could join me here in the UK. I
    have already starting recommended Alexander to my friends and others who need a lawyer. He is very good in what he does and he knows what he is doing.
    Really from the bottom of my heart both me and my husband thank you for doing this for us, and we will continue to use you as our lawyer in future.

    Mijn man had Alexander informatie van uit de internet gekregen. Mijn eerste zaak was afgewezen. Daarna zijn we naar Alexander gegaan. Ik had de zaak uitgelegd en hij heeft het genomen. Alexander is
    een heel goed advocaat. Hij weet precies wat hij doet. Beide ik en mijn man zijn heel blij met Alexander voor wat hij heeft gedaan. We hebben alles van een afstand gedaan, nooit ontmoet. Hij heeft
    altijd tijd voor ons ook als hij niet op kantoor bent. Dank u zeer van onze beide voor wat je hebben gedaan. We geven ook mondeling advertentie over u. We hebben al aan vrienden uw Number gegeeft. We
    zal je ook in toekomst weer gebruik van je diensten maken.
    Dank u zeer van onze beide.

  • Jelena Dainys (Monday, December 21 15 10:45 pm GMT)

    Безгранично благодарна Александру за проделанную работу.Благодаря его профессиональному подходу и знанию своего дела моя проблема решена.Очень признательна за понимание и честное человеческое
    отношение.С удовольствием рекомендую !!!

  • Anna&Rasul (Saturday, November 21 15 10:03 pm GMT)

    We are very pleased and happy that we met Alexander.He helped us a lot with our application to get spouse visa in very friendly and professional manner.He is responsible in what he is doing,so it
    helped us to communicate with him without any concerns.We recommend his services to all who need help.Thank you so much.

  • Augusto O'Callaghan (Thursday, October 22 15 08:19 am BST)

    Very professional and friendly advice. Alexander helped us to get a Family Permit for my dad who was living in Venezuela. My dad's application was a bit complicated but everything went great thanks
    to the knowledge and dedication from Alexander to put together a solid case for my dad. Highly recommended service.

  • IAN & OLGA HALL (Monday, September 14 15 09:15 am BST)

    We were given Alexander's contact details be a friend who had used Alexander's service and after we had tried another immigration 'expert (who achieved absolutely nothing!) We both found Alexander
    would listen and then progress all the paperwork and give advise at each step of the way. He was very helpful and gave us the confidence of success and his charges were reasonable and all inclusive.
    I do not think you will get a better lawyer to sort out immigration problems. Remember the rules / lawyers are so complex you need someone like Alexander to assist / support your efforts.

  • Ekaterina (Monday, September 07 15 12:33 pm BST)

    Alexander helped me get my partner/spouse visa. He was very professional and was quick to reply to my questions via email. He helped fill out the paperwork and advise on the documents we had to bring
    to the visa office where he sat with us and assisted whenever he could. Thank you very much Alexander. I will highly recommend.

  • Natasha (Wednesday, June 17 15 02:10 pm BST)

    Alexander, is very professional and highly skilled in his field. He is supportive throughout the process and I would not hesitate in recommending him.

  • sebahattin durmus (Sunday, May 03 15 08:39 pm BST)

    He was very professional and he dealt with my visa prosess very fast and efficiently,he also helped me with all the paperwork and visa application,also he is a reliable person :)

  • Iryna H (Thursday, March 26 15 10:06 pm GMT)

    Absolutely professional, friendly,very helpful and honest Immigration Advisor.
    Would highly recommend.
    Works within time limits, over delivered my expectations.
    Reasonable fees.
    Thank you Alexander!

  • Karina (Thursday, March 26 15 03:08 pm GMT)

    Thank you Alexander so much for your help ! Such a great, friendly & very professional person. I would recommend Mr Boyd to everyone, had the best service & he charges only little, not like

  • David (Tuesday, March 24 15 10:41 pm GMT)

    Alexander is fantastic! He successfully advised my EEA FP and EEA2 applications (I am a Colombian national and my wife is Dutch). We contacted him about nine months ago and from day one he was always
    very supportive and professional. We considered our case to be complex but luckily Alexander had the time and professional manner to enquire and understand our circumstances. He advised and completed
    our application forms and made sure the supportive documents were sorted and in place before booking posting the application. We will highly recommend Alexander to deal with any kind of immigration
    application in the UK. He is brilliant! We are very happy with the results and we do not hesitate to recommend his service.

  • Mliwomor (Sunday, March 22 15 04:44 pm GMT)

    Had an excellent service with Mr A Byod at an exceptionally reasonable price.
    Takes his time to look into your case and advise accordingly.

  • Andrea McGeorge (Monday, January 19 15 11:23 am GMT)

    From the first enquiry we made with Alex Boyd his manner was professional and very helpful, unlike some of the other Immigration professionals we had contacted. We knew immediately that this was the
    man to assist us in our Spousal Visa application. It was not a smooth process from the Border Agency point of view, but Alex was up front with us the whole process and provided us with information
    that we needed along the way. We always felt part of the loop. Alex’s approach to his work and passion for helping his clients get the result they want is always top priority to him, which made us
    feel comfortable with him handling what ended up being a complicated case. Had it not been for Alex I am sure we would have struggled a lot more and would still be waiting for a Visa.
    Thank you Alex your support throughout this process, you really did put our minds at ease when we most needed it.
    I would recommend Alex Boyd as an Immigration Professional to anyone in doubt about their Visa Application.

    Andrea and Piet De Wet

  • Lyudmyla (Friday, November 21 14 08:30 am GMT)

    In 2012, my mothers family visa was refused just before my son was born, After much stress and money she eventually managed to get a short family visa a year after her initial application. In 2014 I
    decide I would again try for another family visa for my mother, this time I sought professional legal input from the start. I consulted with several immigration lawyers to get advice, I was less than
    impressed by there poor subject knowledge, excessive charging schemes and appalling customer service.

    I was given Alexander Boyds details by a stranger I got talking to about the pleasures of dealing with the visas! I arranged a consultation and was quickly impressed by his depth of knowledge,
    professionalism and friendly manner. Alexander went on to guide us through the application process using his skills and experience and added enormous value by helping to translate the

    Thanks to Alexander my mother was successful in her application and this time she will be here for the birth of her second grand child. I would not hesitate to recommend Alexanders services to anyone
    trying to navigate the minefield that is the immigration system.

  • Z. Kerr (Wednesday, November 05 14 10:03 am GMT)

    \"I am pleased to recommend Mr. Boyd all my friends in the UK as a qualified and experienced immigration adviser. Within 3 years we have had problems to apply for a visa for my mother, and after many
    appeal refusals, we almost lost hope. But I was fortunate enough to meet Alexander. He agreed to be our lawyer and represent us on Court hearing. Thanks to Alexander, his efforts and assistance, we
    finally won the case.
    During the hearing Mr Boyd was brilliant, confident, and on the end not only the appeal was allowed, the judge also ordered to refund all the fees paid to the embassy.\"

  • ANNA (Sunday, August 10 14 07:23 pm BST)

    В очередной раз обратились за помощью к Александру Бойду. На
    этот раз в оформлении карты резидента. Весь процесс прошел быстро, без заминок,карта получена!Ура! Очень внимательный специалист. Супруги Куртинайтис.

  • ARIFUL Islam (Monday, July 14 14 12:37 am BST)

    I am very greatful to Alexander Boyd for preparing all the necessary documents and helping me to apply for a EEA family permit . From start to end he was so helpful .I knock him lots of time and
    Every time he give me response . I got my visa so quickly what I didn't expect . Alexander Boyd really did a great job for me . I am really thankful to him . He never treat me as his client . He
    treat me as his friend . I am very lucky to find Alexander Boyd as my lawyer . Once again thank you very much Alexander Boyd.

  • Dmitri, Senior Lecturer, Strathclyde University (Friday, March 21 14 01:34 pm GMT)

    I was going to use a lawyer in London for me ILR application, but was so lucky to find Alex here in Glasgow! Not only I did not have to travel and saved substantially in fees, I also enjoyed working
    with Alex. He spent hours with me, meticulously discussing all the specific details of my case, checking all the formal requirements and various related past precedents from practical viewpoint.
    Moreover, Alex reassured me that the process will be straightforward and not carrying risks of losing all the application fees, which I was even seeing as “too good to be true” after reading other
    people stories online and panicking about some specifics of my case (e.g. issues with police registration certificate, possibly applying too early, having absences from country, driving violations,
    name spelling variations, etc. Everybody has some of those!). But he was right! The interview was like a breeze and went exactly as he promised, minute-to-minute. I am happy to have my ILR now and
    recommend Alex to anyone. Email me confidentially if you have more questions.

    - Dmitri, Senior Lecturer, Strathclyde University

    Я собирался обращаться к адвокатам в Лондоне, но к счастью в последний момент узнал про Александра. В результате, Я не только избежал поездки в Лондон и сэкономил кучу денег на гонорарах, но еще и
    получил удовольствие от работы с Александром.

    Он провел целые часы со мной, обсуждая все формальные требования и похожие случаи из его практики. Александр убедил меня что все будет в порядке и не будет риска потерять все сборы, я даже верил с
    трудом в это, почитав на интернете о проблемах и впадая в панику по специфике моего случая
    (например слишком ранней подаче, частого отсутствия из страны, дорожных штрафов, сертификата полицейском регистрации, вариаций в написании имени, итд. у каждого есть свои специфические

    Но Александр был абсолютно прав! Все прошло гладко, как и он говорил, минута в минуту! Теперь у меня вид на жительство. С радостью рекомендую Александра. Пишите мне на емайл если есть вопросы.

    - Дмитрий, старший лектор университета Страфклайд.

  • Nadezhda Matusevich (Thursday, February 27 14 07:20 pm GMT)

    Профессионально, а главное сервис с "человеческим лицом"!

    Своевременные советы, системный подход и тщательное оформление документов. Советую всем!

  • Emma Hazan (Wednesday, February 19 14 04:22 pm GMT)

    From our first point of contact, Alexander was incredibly helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. We were very satisfied with this service, and were pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was.

  • Igor (Monday, February 17 14 07:23 pm GMT)

    Professional help and great suport from Alexander.. successful results. Will recommended...

  • Liudmila Gribbin (Sunday, February 16 14 12:39 pm GMT)

    Александр, выражаю вам огромную благодарность за помощь нашей семье, за грамотные и профессиональные консультации, за понимание и поддержку. Я очень рада нашему знакомству. Я знаю Вы помогаете многим
    людям, у вас большое сердце . Желаю Вам много удачи и успехов в работе и жизни. Всего хорошего и до встречи.

  • Liudmila Gribbin (Sunday, February 16 14 12:29 pm GMT)

    Александр, благодарю Вас за помощь нашей семье, за грамотные и профессиональные консультации, вы человек с большим сердцем, я знаю вы помогаете многим людям, я благодарю Вас. Желаю много удачи и
    успехов в вашей работе.

  • Keenan and Pamela Erwin (Saturday, February 08 14 02:28 pm GMT)

    My husband and I got in touch with Alexander when were we ready to relocate to the UK, from the USA. I'm Scottish and my husband is American.
    Alexander was very informed, helpful and reliable. We were able to reach him whenever we had any questions, and he walked us through the process step by step. I cannot stress how valuable Alexander's
    service and support was to us. He made the complicated process easy to understand and ensured we had all the necessary documents to apply. My husband was granted a spousal visa, and we have been
    living in Scotland for more than a year now.
    We have already recommended Alex to some friends, and will continue to do so, as we hear of anyone looking to immigrate here.

  • Aju Antony (Wednesday, February 05 14 07:06 pm GMT)

    Excellent service,very kind and truthful service start to end.My ILR application Granted through MR.ALEX.Highly Recommend ....

  • K. Karelina (Wednesday, February 05 14 06:46 pm GMT)

    I am very greatful to Alexander Boyd for preparing all the necessary documents and helping me to apply for a family visa for my mum. The application was successful even after a refusal of entry which
    was made a few months earlier. I would happily recommend Alexander to all my friends and anyone who is in difficult situation.

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